Is there life after…?

Live Q & A ZOOM:

Monday 1st Feb 5.30pm GMT / 7.30pm South Africa

When my mother found out that I was pregnant two months into my third year of University, she really acted like the world had come to an end – for her and for me. Now I would stay at home and raise my kids and never really have the career that I had dreamed of and that she had made sacrifices to make possible. Not only was it an unhelpful attitude – it wasn’t true either – not even remotely. Because even though I was a stay-at-home mom for a few years when my kids were small, by the time the youngest was a couple of years old, I had already been forced to activate my first career – teaching, the best thing I could do to earn money that we badly needed at the time, and to start training for my second career – the one that appealed to me a whole lot more. Now, thirty years later, I am on my fourth major career change – and that’s not unusual in this day and age – so how about you?

Are you a mom whose whole life has been dedicated to launching your kids in the best way possible – and now that the empty nest is rushing upon you, you are not quite sure who you are and what you want? And if any of your skills are relevant? Maybe, like me – in another challenge I have had recently, you lost your dream job, through Covid, or economic conditions or simply retirement – maybe you are wondering, as I did, if you really have the energy to start over, or if anyone out there sees value in you? Maybe you have had a great career, or at least the one that enabled your goals and lifestyle for the past season but now you are bored and wonder if there’s anything more for you?

If any of these scenarios resonate, join me for one hour in conversation on the theme “Is there life after… covid, kids, retrenchment, retirement?” where we will chat about how to take ownership of your life and career even in times of uncertainly. I will also be chatting with Colleen Parkins, a business entrepreneur, about her recent experience with ICCS.

One thought on “Is there life after…?

  1. anapereiradevlieg

    Thanks Jill

    I been watching the conference from Saturday So good is it not ???wow Will chat to you around this and well done for this post @ana_de_vlieg

    “I am only one but still I am one. I cannot do everything but still I can do something, and because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do the something that I can do”. Helen Keller



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