Hi, I’m Jill. My physical practice is based in La Lucia, KZN, but I also offer telephonic/video consultation in line with the HPCSA’s recommendations for practice during the COVID-19 crisis.

I was born in the UK, where I completed my first degree (in English Language and Literature) at Jesus College Oxford. My family emigrated to South Africa in the tumultuous year, 1985. I taught for a while, while raising a family and studying with UNISA to obtain an Honours degree in Psychology. In 1993-4 I studied full-time at UKZN, Howard College campus, and graduated cum laude with an M. Soc. Sci (professional qualification) in Educational Psychology. In 1995 I worked for a year as an intern psychologist at the UKZN Student Counselling Centre and then operated a private practice in Hillcrest for eight years. I have extensive experience in psycho-educational assessment and therapeutic interventions dealing with ADHD, learning problems, behavioural and emotional problems, adjustment issues and career counselling. My family work included parental guidance and counselling, and marital counselling.

From 2004 I chose voluntary erasure from the Psychology register as I became fully involved in paid pastoral and other voluntary work – teaching, training, mentoring and counselling in the community. I was part of the management team of iKusasaLethu, a PBO involved in social upliftment in schools in the Valley of 1000 Hills and trained and supervised a team of lay counsellors working in the community.

I have recently retired from pastoral work and have returned to my first love – growth and change. My life is a case study in change and identity. I have always loved to do career choice work with adolescents, but in today’s world career counselling is no longer finding the box that my gifts and talents might fit into. As the world of work changes, people no longer find themselves working in one job or even one sphere throughout their whole working lives. As people live longer and healthier lives, in economically challenging times, retirement becomes a more remote possibility. In this context where people are working longer, adult career ownership has become a growing field of specialisation. After completing my training as an ICCS® consultant with Professor Michael Arthur, I am really excited to have the opportunity to introduce the Intelligent Career model to South Africa.

I work primarily with adults (and also consult on family matters – see the How can I help you page).

In February 2020 I passed the HPCSA Board exam in ethical practice to be restored to the Register of Educational Psychologists.

Registration number PS0051438 is now active.

Board of Healthcare Funders practice number 0890987 has been allocated.

Although I do not have the resources to deal directly with Medical Aids, I am able to issue Medical Aid invoices which will enable clients to recover fees from a wide range of Medical Aid schemes. Please download my information document, contract and current fees HERE or contact me to find out more details.