What is educational psychology and how does it differ from clinical, counselling and industrial psychology? 

All psychologists start out by learning the same basic theories about human personality and development, the kinds of emotional, relational and behavioural problems that people might encounter across their life-span…. READ MORE

What are the limits of confidentiality and are they different with adolescents?

The Professional Board for Psychology sets out very strict ethical guidelines (HPCSA Act 56 of 1974) regarding client confidentiality and anything you tell me during interviews or via email or telephonic contact will be treated as private and confidential. There are some limits… READ MORE

What is your approach to counselling?

There are so many different ways of working with people it can be very confusing, so let me explain the way I approach the stories people share with me…. READ MORE

What is your fee structure?

As an individual practitioner I do not have the infrastructure to deal with Medical Aids directly but my fees are based on the average fee allowed by the major Medical Aids. Now that I have a practice number, I am able to give an invoice to claim fees back, but it is your responsibility as a client to ensure that psychological services are covered by your own Medical Aid and if there are any limits. I can give you a procedural code, which indicates the service offered and an ICD-10 code which is a diagnostic code required by the Medical Aids.

Payments may be made by Zapper or EFT before or at the time of consultation. For contract document and regular fee schedule click HERE.