How can I help?

I offer a range of services to help you achieve your goals:

Intelligent Career Card Sort ICCS® 

I offer individualised and group career exploration using this dynamic system specifically designed to support professional career development in the knowledge-driven economy. Having completed my training personally with Professor Michael Arthur, co-author of the book and co-developer of the card sort, I am the first South African consultant to be accredited to run workshops and conduct individual explorations. A career development process typically involves completion of the ICCS®  online and 4-6 individual sessions, live or online via video, telephone or email. Find out more about ICCS® HERE.

Intelligent careers also involve more than seeking an education or topping up your skills. They call for an understanding of the changing nature of work and employment and of the processes through which knowledge is generated, transferred, and applied. That means appreciating new career possibilities, more dynamic work arrangements, and the growing demand for knowledge work around the globe. It means navigating your work life with an authenticity that replaces any straightforward loyalty to a single employer. It calls for better understanding of yourself, your collaborators, the employers and customers for whom you work, and the world you live in.

Arthur, Michael B., Khapova, Svetlana N. & Richardson, Julia. An Intelligent Career. 2017. Oxford University Press.

Personal growth & development

Individual consultations (live or online)

It’s not always necessary to wait until the paw-paw hits the fan before calling in the cavalry. Sometimes we are just feeling stuck – we want to make a change and we don’t know how. We are unhappy with ourselves or our relationships but it’s not obvious where the real problem lies. We have forgotten what it is to dream about a different future and we want to re-kindle the hope that we were meant for more than the daily grind.

In the last forty years there has been a massive swing in the helping professions towards a “positive psychology” approach – where the counsellor helps an individual to examine their strengths and opportunities, to develop a plan for a preferred future, rather than focusing only on problems and deficits. Counselling can take various “styles” or theoretical approaches. My own approach is primarily Narrative, but I also work with Solution Focused Brief Therapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, depending on the needs and preference of the client.

Parenting skills & family therapy

There’s a lot to be said for intentional parenting – getting some skills and advice from those who have gone before. I am available to run small groups in “positive parenting”, “how to live with your teenager” and I consult with individuals and families about how to live together and love one another better. 

Get in touch below if you’d like a personal consultation or if you’d like to invite me to meet with a group. (Group meetings currently facilitated via Zoom.)