Intelligent Career Card Sort ICCS®


In the early 1990’s the phrase “intelligent enterprise” denoted a new paradigm in organisational management, which recognised that “knowledge management” was key to a company’s success. James Brian Quinn (Intelligent Enterprise, 1992, Free Press,) propounded the view that an intelligent enterprise must develop and deploy the three core components of its human (intangible) resources – culture; capabilities (skills and knowledge); and connections – rather than solely managing its physical assets.

In 1995, three career scholars, Michael B. Arthur, Priscilla Claman and Robert J. De Philippi, took up the challenge to apply these organisational competencies, to the career of the individual…. READ MORE

The exercise

There are three categories of cards: corresponding to knowing why you want to work (identity, values and motivation), knowing how you work (personal skills and expertise) and knowing who (your current means of building relationships and reputation). Going through a process of selection to identify the top seven statements in each category helps the client to prioritise what is currently important to him or her and to create a springboard for further development. The card sort is the start of a conversation with a consultant/coach and builds a framework for story-telling and exploration of meaning and value. As themes emerge, this provides a foundation for action steps which become a road map of the way forwards. The card sort is not a psychometric test – it does not put the client into boxes or suggest a set of traits or a personality profile to guide the career process, but helps to tease out the intangibles of what work means to the individual. Likewise the action steps are not “goals” to achieve, but really practical steps identified by the client, with the help of the coach, to assist in moving forwards.

Who might benefit from the ICCS® process?

  • Individuals who have reached a “ceiling” in their current situation
  • Those who have recently lost employment or closed down a business
  • Those thinking of starting a new business or forming a partnership
  • Those needing to find work after their own or a partner’s relocation
  • Job-seeking graduates or post-grads looking for new possibilities
  • Employees who are seeking promotion or simply new challenges
  • Women returning to the work force after a family season
  • Individuals exploring a different role/ company/ industry /sector

The best career guidance platform I have experienced. It helped me realise my gifts and capabilities and reminded me what I am passionate about – all in the comfort of my own home.

Thobile Zikhathile – Lecturer/Academic

I recently completed the ICCS® with Jill Lawton, what an amazing journey. I received clarity in relation to my professional goals while keeping true to my values. Now I know the reason for my chosen career and what needs to be true (for me) in order to press forwards to a set goal. When I started the course I had one burning question – to apply and start my Masters Degree now, later or never. I left with so much more. Thank you Jill for your encouragement and time. This was a great experience.

Phumla Motsa – Disability and Work Productivity Consultant I Absenteeism and Incapacity Specialist I Occupational Therapist. Johannesburg Area, South Africa

I found the ICCS® programme to be useful and informative. It reaffirmed a lot of what I know about myself, but also provided additional insights, themes and linkages that were not immediately obvious to me. The 1-2-1 sessions with my consultant were the most positive feature of the programme. Having someone to help me reflect on my choices and provide constructive challenge was very useful. If you think you know yourself, it is always beneficial to ‘challenge’ these perceptions / beliefs. ICCS® allows you to do that and derive tangible actions to take forward.

Corporate client – Insurance sector (Lloyd’s of London, UK).

My initial expectations for the Intelligent Career system was that it would simply be another form of strengths and weakness analysis process that would reinforce my own understanding of my capabilities. However as I embarked on the journey with the assistance of the personal consultant I was very pleasantly surprised to discover that it was far more reflective and provided greater insight into both the motivations and self determining factors that are behind my strengths and weaknesses. Overall the process was very smooth and well managed despite the complexity of the subject matter and I would recommend it to people who wish to set realistic and achievable goals that will help them lead more fulfilling careers.

Environmental Scientist – Massachusetts, USA.

What does it cost?

Time: to gain maximum benefit you need to set aside 15-20 mins per section for the card sort (it can be done all together or you can take a break in between sections.) Then we schedule between 4 – 6 online coaching sessions, which will also require you to do some homework in between. This is a serious investment (of time and money) – and, I can tell you from personal experience, if you follow through with the process, it will have massive benefits for your current well-being and future prospects.

Fee: Individual package fee is R7,500 to be paid in full at the start of the coaching. Other payments options may be discussed on application.

Includes ICCS®  online, minimum of 5 x 1 hour coaching sessions, email and telephonic support, and a feedback call 1 month after completion of the process.

Group rate: R3,800 per person (minimum 4 people, maximum 8)

It is also possible to do the career exploration process in a group workshop setting – the format can be arranged to suit corporate, professional or other groups. The total group time needed is 10-12 hours whatever the format – and it can be done entirely on ZOOM, so is suitable for participants in different locations.

Group dates currently available:

Mon 16th, Tue 17th, Wed 18th, Thur 19th November,  18.00 – 21.00 each evening. (Register by Thur 12th Nov.)

Sat 28th and Sun 29th November 9.00 -12.00 & 13.00 – 16.00 both days. (Register by Sat 21st Nov.)

Please note that workshop registrations will close at least 2-3 days beforehand as the Card Sort exercise needs to be completed before the start of the group process.

To register for an individual exploration, or to find out about pre-organised group dates, please complete the BOOKING FORM

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL FOR OCTOBER 2020: Book and pay by the end of the month (midnight 31st October) and get a 20% discount on group or individual fee for November.

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