Subject Choice/Career Assessments

The world of work is changing faster than many of us can keep up with. Career counselling used to be a simple process of assessing personality and aptitude and preference – and finding the perfect box to fit into. In today’s world we know that career choice is no longer a railway station, where you arrive at a platform and pick a train to a destination for the next thirty or forty years, but it’s much more like a car journey where there are choices at every intersection and the average person will make a serious change of career six or seven times in their working life. That does not mean that more traditional forms of psychometric testing are invalid – they are just not enough to equip young people to take ownership of their lives and give them the skills to navigate a world that is changing more and more each day.

That’s where a narrative approach to career counselling can be extremely helpful – looking at the dreams, values, skills, personality of the individual, in the context of their world – family, peer group, socio-cultural opportunities and limitations.

This practice offers individual counselling suitable for Grades 8 & 9, prior to subject choices; for Grades 11 & 12, making tertiary decisions; and current tertiary students who want to formulate an ongoing career plan. Psychometric testing (MBTI© Clifton Strength Finder© and Life Values Inventory©) can also be included in individual packages if required.

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