Everything is changing

Jill Lawton BA Hons (Oxon), BA Hons (Unisa), M.Soc.Sci (UKZN), M.Phil (UP)

Hi, I am an educational psychologist and that means I am not threatened by change. My whole life is dedicated to helping people to navigate the challenges of change and growth. Life is an adventure – but it can be a stressful one – even positive changes like starting a career, finding a new home, marriage, children, promotion, success, can come with burdens and adjustments. Currently we find ourselves in an unprecedented era of global change brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. This has precipitated changes in the way we work, play, study, relate to one another – the far-reaching implications of which we are only just beginning to uncover. Aside from the complications of the disease itself, many people are finding themselves facing stress and anxiety around other changes, such as the need to support themselves economically, dealing with loss and change, even changes of identity and purpose in life. 

Now, more than ever, people are needing a little help along the way. There’s a lot of free help and advice out there – not all of it bad by any means, so why pay for a professional? Because good advice can be badly followed. Because change is not always easy. Because to fail to achieve our goals can be costly in more ways than one. The world is changing at a phenomenal rate and one of the best investments we can make for the future is our ability to adapt and change with it.  Thanks for taking a look at my website where you will find out more about me, the way I work and the services I offer.

Jill Lawton

HPCSA Registration Number: PS0051438

BHF Practice Number:  0890987


In the context of our national situation, the HPCSA has indicated that psychological services are considered essential services. In order to maintain the protocols of safe-distancing, it is possible during this period to access psychological services via telephonic or video consultations, which may be charged for, as with in vivo sessions. All ethical guidelines regarding confidentiality and the safe-guarding of the client will apply in this situation.

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